Fluorescence Activated Cell Sorter (FACS). 
BD FACS Aria III Flow Cytometer with Software BD FACS SDiva v 7.0
Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) instrument at UPSC, Aria III Flow Cytometer.Fluorescence-activated cell sorting (FACS) instrument at UPSC, Aria III Flow Cytometer.

UPSC owns a BD FACS Aria III Flow Cytometer, BD Biosciences.  This instrument can be used to sort cells, isolated protoplasts and organelles like chloroplasts and mitochondria, based on autofluorescence or labelling by fluorescent marker molecules.
The system consists of three major components: a fluidics cart (supplies sheath and cleaning fluids and collects waste from the cytometer), a benchtop flow cytometer and a workstation. Most of the cytometer functions are operated from within BD FACSDiva software version 7.0.  Our system includes four lasers: a 405 nm (violet), a 488 nm (blue), a 561-nm (yellow-green) and a 633 (red) in an X-mount optical plate configuration, two octagon and two trigon detector arrays. Each detector houses dichroic and bandpass filters, which steer and filter the emitted light, and photomultiplier tubes, which detect light signals. Additionally our equipment accommodates a next-generation flow cell optimized for four laser beam spots and integrated nozzles, available in four sizes (70, 85, 100 and 130 μm) for analysis of a variety of particle sizes. The devices that can be installed in the sort collection chamber facilitate samples sorting according to their volume. There are possibilities to sort into 1.5 ml eppendorfs up to 15 ml falcon tubes. Sorting in microscopy slides can be also achieved as well as single cell sorting into multi-well plate. The loading and collection chambers of our BD FACS Aria III are adjustable in terms of temperature facilitating handling of a variety of sensitive samples.

It is possible to work with this equipment only in form of colaboration. With all questions of wish to wokr with FACS, please contac Ioanna Antoniadi