UPSC is a highly dynamic institute with around 200 employees, 30 principal investigators and about 10 associated principal investigators. Approximately half of our staff is non-Swedish and the working language is English. We recruit researchers from all over the world. More than 40 nations are represented at UPSC. Post-doctoral fellows have the most diverse nationalities, but also our PIs, graduate and undergraduate students represent many different nations.

Are you interested in joining us? Please have a look below for currently open job opportunities. You are also always welcome to contact our principal investigators directly if you are interested in working with them.

The Department of Chemistry, Umeå University, offers two postdoctoral positions in biochemistry, one for microalgal biomass production and one on proteases of photosynthetic microorganisms. The positions are for full-time for a period of two years and will be in the group of Christiane Funk. Starting date is according to agreement. 

Last day to apply: 9 November 2020.

Project 1: Postdoctoral position in biochemistry for microalgal biomass production (reference number: AN 2.2.1-1305-20)

The work is part of the projects MicroBioRefine and NordAqua ( focusing on the efficient and economic production of biomass by growing high latitude photosynthetic microorganisms on carbon dioxide and nutrients from local flue gases and wastewaters. The project is in the field of renewable energy with focus on algal biomass production and the development of sustainable and biobased UV filter chemicals.

MSc Project for 6 or 12 months in Totte Niittylä's group

One third of the Arabidopsis genes and proteins remain uncharacterised. In order to break new ground and identify previously uncharacterised essential cell processes, we investigate meristem expressed, evolutionarily-conserved single copy Arabidopsis genes of unknown function. We are now looking for a highly motivated MSc student to join the project. You will perform genetic and phenotypic analysis and cell biology experiments on Arabidopsis lines with mutations in essential genes.

You can find more information about possible project or exam works (Master thesis) at the Umeå Plant Science Centre here:
It is also possible to do your Master or Bachelor thesis at the Umeå Plant Science Centre. Please contact the leader of the group you would like to work with directly. You can find a list with all group leaders here:

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