A PhD position is available in the group of Alizée Malnoë (https://www.upsc.se/alizee_malnoe) in the Department of Plant Physiology at Umeå University, Sweden, to study photosynthesis in plants. Apply no later than February 6, 2019.


We are seeking for a PhD student who will identify molecular players required for sustained energy dissipation in plants using the model organism Arabidopsis thaliana. We have isolated 140 mutants affected in photoprotection through a suppressor screen which is described in Malnoë et al. Plant Cell (2017). Using whole genome sequencing, the PhD student will identify the genes mutated in mutants of interest. Sequencing will be performed at SciLife Laboratory and training for data analysis will be provided by the UPSC Bioinformatics facility. In addition, the candidate will characterize these mutants and study the function of the genes identified combining genetics, biochemistry, biophysics and physiology approaches. This project will contribute to understanding the molecular mechanisms of photoprotection in plants.

The aim of the employment for the student is to acquire a PhD and in order to full fill this main objective, to conduct research within the research project and gain relevant research skills through PhD student courses. Teaching and other work at the Department is mandatory (max 20 % of 100 % employment). The employment is limited to four years fulltime studies or five years with teaching and other obligations included. Salaries for PhD students follows an agreed salary development. Employment starts 2019-03-01 or subject to agreement.

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