Register at UPSC

Have you decided to join UPSC? We are looking forward to hosting you! The first thing you should do now is to register at UPSC following the below link. Do this as soon as possible so that we can start preparing for your stay. You will need to log in to reach the registration form. Your future supervisor will give you the user-name and password. Fill out the registration form and submit it. Once your registration is received, UPSC will apply for housing on your behalf in case this is needed. 

Please note that the provided housing will be time limited and it will be therefore good that you register as soon as possible also with other housing companies in Umeå. They usually have very long waiting times and an early registration will increase your possibilities to find an accomodation after your housing contract with the university ends. Following this link, you can find more information about how to find a home in Umeå and a list with housing companies and private landlords.

Moving to Sweden

There are several things you need to do and think on when moving to Sweden from abroad. Please find below a collection of links with information from the two universities UPSC belongs to - Umeå University and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) -, from the Umeå Postdoc Society and also from Swedish public authorities.

Some regulations might differ between the different universities but the general information should be similar (e.g. how to apply for a Swedish Personal Number, Identity Card and how to open a bank account). It might be therefore useful to have a look on all pages for this type of information. Please be also aware of that the regulations differ for EU/Swiss citizens and non-EU citizens.

General information from Umeå University:

Work with us

Moving to Umeå

Before arrival - checklist

On arrival - checklist

General information from Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences:

Living and working in Sweden

Information from Swedish authorities and EU:

Information from the Swedish Migration Board

Information from the Swedish Tax office

Special information concerning Postdocs

Umeå Postdoc Society (UPS): By Postdocs - For Postdocs!

Difference between scholarship and employment

Navigate Swedish academia - a guide for international researchers:

Are you new to Swedish Academia? The Young Academy of Sweden, an interdisciplinary academy for younger researchers, has written a guidebook to help navigate Swedish academia:

Beginner's Guide to Swedish Academia