• Umeå Plant Growth Facility

    Umeå Plant Growth Facility

    Within UPSC, we have a number of climate chambers available for controlled environment studies. These include 7 “walk-in” climate chambers on floor 2 and 8 “walk-in” climate chambers on floor 3, within the new high security growth facility. There are

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  • Tree Genome Programs at UPSC

    Tree Genome Programs at UPSC

    Populus Genome Programme & Spruce Genome ProjectThe Populus Genome Program is a part of SCTFG (Swedish Center for Tree Functional Genomics) and is the most comprehensive tree genome program in the world. The collaborating partners are Umeå Plant Science Center

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  • UPSC Bioinformatics Platform

    UPSC Bioinformatics Platform

    The UPSC Bioinformatics facility centralises bioinformatics competences, offering a range of bioinformatics services as well as conducting its own bioinformatics related research and participating in wider collaborative projects. The facility also delivers local bioinformatics training i and contributes to international

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  • Swedish Metabolomics Centre

    Swedish Metabolomics Centre

    Swedish Metabolomics Centre is a collaboration between Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), Umeå University and Chalmers University of Technology. Since 2016, Swedish Metabolomics Centre is a part of SciLifeLabhttp://www.swedishmetabolomicscentre.se/

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  • Poplar Transgenics Facility

    Poplar Transgenics Facility

    Because of the long generation time and obligatory out- crossing of most trees, reverse genetic approaches are the only realistic alternative for the analysis of gene functions in trees. UPSC scientists were among the first in the world to be

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  • Spruce Transformation Facility

    Spruce Transformation Facility

    The primary function of the facility is to test candidate genes in the conifer model species Norway spruce. The facility offers services for all groups at UPSC that wish to test their research findings in conifers.

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  • UPSC Genomics Lab

    UPSC Genomics Lab

    IntroductionGenetics laboratory at UPSC is a facility meant to be a resource for all those working in the UPSC Community. We can perform various jobs in plant molecular biology such as DNA and RNA preparations, PCR, cloning, qPCR. We can

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  • Microscopy Facility

    Microscopy Facility

    The microscopy facilities at UPSC include a broad range of equipment for sample preparation, subsequent analysis and image acquisition.Available equipment:1. Microscopes Three Zeiss Axioplan (fluorescence) microscopes with digital camera systems Stereomicroscopes, one with fluorescence 2. Confocal laser scanning microscopes (CSLM)

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  • Biopolymer Analytical Platform

    Biopolymer Analytical Platform

    The Biopolymer Analytical Platform (former UPSC Plant Cell Wall and Carbohydrate Analytical Facility) has been an official KBC facility since 2018 and is dedicated to research on cell walls of terrestrial and aquatic plants, and biopolymer materials among KBC groups.Equip­ment

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  • Databases & Software

    Databases & Software

    Databases at UPSC PopulusDB - Discontinued - use popgenie version 1 PopTF DB - Cloning of full length poplar transcription factor cDNAs and expression in Populus PopGenIE - PopGenIE facilitates the exploration of genes and gene function in Populus Congenie - facilitates the exploration of

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