• Plant Growth Facilities at UPSC and SLU Umeå

    Plant Growth Facilities at UPSC and SLU Umeå

    Researchers at UPSC have access to UPSC’s own growth facility but also to the growth facility that belongs to SLU in Umeå. UPSC’s Growth Facility UPSC has a number of different growth rooms, cabinets and climate chambers that allow plant

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  • Tree Phenotyping Platform at UPSC

    Tree Phenotyping Platform at UPSC

    The UPSC Tree Phenotyping Platform is a unique facility to automatically monitor and record growth parameters of trees. The trees are moved around on a conveyor belt and are automatically photographed, watered and fertilized once a day.

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  • UPSC Bioinformatics Facility

    UPSC Bioinformatics Facility

    The UPSC Bioinformatics Facility centralises bioinformatics competences, offering a range of bioinformatics services as well as conducting its own bioinformatics related research and participating in wider collaborative projects. The facility also delivers local bioinformatics training and contributes to international workshops

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  • Swedish Metabolomics Centre

    Swedish Metabolomics Centre

    Swedish Metabolomics Centre (SMC) is a collaboration between three Swedish universities and is a part of SciLifeLab. We are specialized in analyzing metabolites and lipids with mass spectrometry based methods.

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  • Poplar Transgenics Facility

    Poplar Transgenics Facility

    Reverse genetic approaches are the only realistic alternative for the analysis of gene functions in trees because of their long generation time and obligatory out-crossing of most trees. UPSC scientists were among the first in the world to be able

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  • Spruce Transformation Facility

    Spruce Transformation Facility

    The primary function of the facility is to test candidate genes in the conifer model species Norway spruce. The facility offers services for all groups at UPSC that wish to test their research findings in conifers.

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  • Microscopy Facility

    Microscopy Facility

    All users are reminded to acknowledge in publications, presentations and posters on the role of the facilities and expertise.  "The authors acknowledge the facilities and technical assistance of the Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) Microscopy Facility” The microscopy facilities at

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  • Biopolymer Analytical Platform (BAP)

    Biopolymer Analytical Platform (BAP)

    The Biopolymer Analytical Platform (former UPSC Plant Cell Wall and Carbohydrate Analytical Facility) has been an official KBC facility since 2018 and is dedicated to research on cell walls of terrestrial and aquatic plants, and biopolymer materials among KBC groups.

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  • Photosynthesis and Respiration Facility

    Photosynthesis and Respiration Facility

    The photosynthesis and respiration facility at UPSC provides a comprehensive range of instruments to assay photosynthetic and respiratory activities for a broad spectrum of samples, from isolated complexes to organs such as intact leaves or needles, from cyanobacteria and algae

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