Fluorescence Malnöe 1150x766Video Fluorescence Camera SpeedZen 200 from JBeambio (Photo: Anne Honsel)

The photosynthesis and respiration facility at UPSC provides a comprehensive range of instruments to assay photosynthetic and respiratory activities for a broad spectrum of samples, from isolated complexes to intact leaves, needles or roots, and of species ranging from cyanobacteria and algae to Arabidopsis and trees.

The facility offers unique possibilities to test the effect of light intensity and fluctuations under various conditions. Our objective is to assist researchers in their investigation of plant physiology.


Instrumentation available at the facility

Chlorophyll fluorescence: SpeedZen, HandyFluorCAM and Dual-PAM

In vivo spectroscopy: JTS-100 & Laser

Oxygen concentration: Clark-type oxygen electrode system

Gas exchange system: LI-COR 6400XT

LED panels: White light LED panel, RGB LED panel

Pigment content: CCM-200, CCM-300

Low-temperature Chl fluorescence: FluoroMax Plus spectrofluorometer

Biochemical assays: Luminometer, Spectrophotometer