Chlorophyll content meter CCM-200

The CCM-200 plus Chlorophyll Content Meter (Opti-Sciences Inc; is a handheld instrument designed for the rapid, nondestructive determination of chlorophyll content in an intact leaf.  Two wavelengths are used for chlorophyll determination - one wavelength within the chlorophyll absorbance peak (653 nm) while the other wavelength serves as a control (931 nm). The Chlorophyll Content Meter CCM-200 plus measures the absorbance at both wavelengths and calculates a Chlorophyll Concentration Index (μmol Chlorophyll*m-2). The measurement area is 0.95 cm in diameter, the sensitivity is ± 0.1 Chlorophyll Concentration Index unit.

Location: room B3-38-51

The CCM 200 plus instrument

Chlorophyll content meter CCM-300

CCM300 (OPTI-SCIENCE Inc., USA) is a handheld chlorophyll content meter that allows in vivo chlorophyll determination in a small and complicated samples such as pine needles, Arabidopsis seedlings, mosses etc. It produces accurate readings regardless of sample thickness and size in a large reliable measuring range from 40 to 670 mg/m2. The CCM300 utilizes simultaneous measurements of chlorophyll fluorescence at 735 nm and 710 nm for calculation of chlorophyll content index in mg/m2 (Gitelson et al., 1999). The integration time is automatically adjusted during measurements between 2.5 and 10 s. USB port and 2GB storage capacity ensure data safety and availability. Results are saved in *.csv format that can be easy exported to Excel or Origin for the future analysis. GPS coordinates are also available.

Location: room B3-38-51
CCM-300 (

CCM 330 instrument and suitcase where it is stored inCCM 330 instrument wit display switched on