• Value Tree

    Value Tree

    Two most acute problems we must solve within the next 20 years are energy deficiency and replacement of oil-based technologies with technologies based on renewable resources. Moreover, the climatic change in the 20th century raised concerns about the CO2 emissions and the de-regulation of carbon cycle by deforestation and burning

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  • Bio4Energy


    The research environment Bio4Energy aims to create highly efficient and environmentally-sound biorefinery processes—including methods and tools for making products such as biofuels, "green" chemicals and new bio-based materials—which draw on biomass sourced from forests or organic waste as a raw material.

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  • Trees and Crops for the Future (TC4F)

    Trees and Crops for the Future (TC4F)

    Trees and Crops for the Future (TC4F) is a Strategic Research Area (SRA) at SLU with Umeå University and the Forestry Research Institute (SkogForsk) as collaborative partners. TC4F develops knowledge on sustainable plant production and plant-based product development to support the development of the new circular bioeconomy in Sweden.

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