Researchers at UPSC have access to UPSC’s own growth facility but also to the growth facility that belongs to SLU in Umeå.

umea plant growth facility

UPSC’s Growth Facility

UPSC has a number of different growth rooms, cabinets and climate chambers that allow plant growth of transgenic, flowering plants in controlled environments. Their usage is restricted to people that belong to UPSC and their collaborators. Access is only granted after an introduction to the facility including information about working rules and safety regulations.

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Growth facilities at SLU Umeå

SLU has several walk-in climate chambers in the main building in Umeå and runs also the “Wallenberg Lab and Greenhouse” that are closely located to UPSC. These facilities are bookable for everyone from UPSC and SLU, as well as for external growers. Only non-flowering transgenic plants and non-transgenic plants are allowed to grow here.

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