The SLU Faculty of Forest Science is running several walk-in climate chambers in the main building in Umeå and also the “Wallenberg Lab and Greenhouse” that are closely located to UPSC. These facilities are bookable for everyone from UPSC and SLU, as well as to a certain extent for external growers. Only non-flowering transgenic plants and non-transgenic plants are allowed to grow here.

Wallenberg Lab and Greenhouse

The Wallenberg greenhouse is located next to UPSC. Eleven greenhouse rooms are available for growing non-flowering transgenic plants (e.g. Populus sp., Eucalyptus, Norway spruce) and non-transgenic plants. It is available to all members of SLU and UPSC. External growers are welcome but subject to availability.

Access to the Wallenberg Lab and Greenhouse:

Before you can be granted access to the Wallenberg Greenhouse, you have to be registered at UPSC, have to have an access card from Umeå University (handed by KBC Service Centre ) and have to read and sign the document "Rules and Safety Regulation" below.

1) Register at UPSC:
Use the UPSC registration form to register:
Contact your supervisor or the Wallenberg staff for login information.

2) Rules and Safety Regulation for accessing the Wallenberg Greenhouse

Read the following document and bring it when you sign the agreement.
pdfSafety_rules_Wallenberg-SLU-ny.pdf201.63 KB

3) Sign the agreement electronically

After you have read and signed the Rules and Safety Regulations, you will have to contact the staff at Wallenberg to sign the agreement electronically.

4) Get access to the facility

In case you have already an access card from Umeå University, contact the KBC Service Centre to get access to the Wallenberg lab and Greenhouse. If you do not have an access card yet, contact the HR administrator of your department (when belonging to UPSC) or the staff working at the Wallenberg Lab and Greenhouse

Access to Wallenberg Greenhouse is also granted if you attend the introduction course for the security house at UPSC.

Climate Chambers SLU Umeå (Skogis building)

In the main building of SLU Umeå (Skogis building), there are six walk-in climate chambers that are available for everyone from SLU and UPSC and also for external bookings.

Booking procedure for the Wallenberg Greenhouse and the Climate Chambers at SLU Umeå

When you would like to book space in the Wallenberg Greenhouse or a climate chamber at Skogis, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You will then be asked to fill in a form with details about your booking such as when you would like to start, how many tables you need and if you would like us to take care of the plants or not.