Intavis InsituPro VSi automated system
InsituPro VSi machine at UPSC.InsituPro VSi machine at UPSC.

The Intavis InsituPro VSi, located in room B6-50-51, is a system for performing automated in situ hybridization or immuno-histochemistry labelling of samples for microscopic imaging in a high throughput manner with high reproducibility and eliminated pipetting errors. This machine is a base unit complete with reagent racks, pipetting unit, sample holders and PC based operation software. The machine performs all the following steps: rehydration of fixed specimens, permeation, post-fixation, pre-hybridization, hybridization with individual probes or antibodies, blocking, antibody incubation and post-hybridization washes. Up to 60 samples can be run simultaneously, using different proble/antibody combinations for different samples and the system can handle various sample types including plant embryos, whole seedlings, dissected organs, vibratome sections, or other thin sections. The samples can be loaded directly into specimen wells or may be attached directly to glass slides during system operation.
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