Professor Gunnar Öquist at the Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå University and Umeå Plant Science Centre, was awarded Honorary Doctorate at the University of Copenhagen, on November 18th.

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ASPB, the American Society of Plant Biologists, have analyzed citations to their journals, Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell, for papers published between 2004 and 2008 to identify authors from around the world publishing the most influential papers.
ASPB recognizes these scientists as authors, whose scientific experience and academic leadership have helped establish their journals, Plant Physiology and The Plant Cell, as highly respected sources of knowledge for the advancement of plant science.

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The spruce genome project has taken off. A spruce individual från Jämtland has been selected and after only one week of sequencing, more sequence data has been generated than during the whole human genome project, that took ten years.

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Maria Eriksson has been awarded a 3-year-grant to strengthen her research career by carrying out strategic research at Department of Plant Sciences, Cambridge University and UPSC, Umeå University. The aim of this initiative is to create the best possible conditions for gifted female researchers to be able to fortify their careers.


Maria E. Eriksson - Circadian Clock Function and its Importance for the Regulation of Growth
In one of the latest issues of Science there is a News of the Week article about the new Science for Life Lab (SciLifeLab) in Stockholm. The whole article is full with information about the ground breaking DNA sequencing of the Spruce genome, a collaboration between UPSC and SciLifeLab. Science quotes Pär Ingvarsson of UPSC saying that “It´s one of the largest, most complicated genomes to be sequenced. We want to identify genes that control wood properties”.

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The journal "The Scientist" publishes every year the results of a survey among postdoctoral researchers in Life science and - amazingly - UPSC is, in several categories, on the list for the third time.
The award 2010 will be given to Finnvid Prescher for his thesis “Seed orchards – Genetic considerations on function, management and seed procurement”.
The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research announces its decisions for distributing SEK 400 millions to strategic research in biosciences. Among the 4 prioritized areas, a research team led by Professor Stefan Jansson receive a grant in the field of "Parasite resistance in trees and crops".
UPSC have received 9 two-year post-doctoral fellowships from the Kempe Foundation as a continuation of the internationalization project initiated three years ago.
Take a good look at your Christmas tree - it has seven times more genetic material (DNA) than yourself! It is not known why but now, Swedish Scientists will sequence the Norway spruce genome.