In November 2017 the SSF partners organized a PhD course in Wood Biology and Biotechnology. 

The course had generous funding from NOVA (many thanks for this support).  

We hosted 19 students from Sweden, Finland, Estonia and Latvia.  The course provided an overview of wood organization, chemistry and structure in conifers and hardwoods, from the molecular level to the tissue organization level, followed by an update on molecular, genetic and physiological aspects of wood cell differentiation and cell wall formation. Current tools for studying wood structure and chemical composition were discussed, as well as the bioinformatics tools available for wood biology were introduced with practical demonstrations. Lectures and seminars were given by experts in the field.

anatomy course 1

anatomy course 2
anatomy course 3
There were many opportunities for social interactions and networking
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anatomy course 5
anatomy course 6
The course evaluation showed a high level of lectures and student satisfaction. We have also received good suggestions for further course development.
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anatomy course 9
The goal for the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC Academy is to provide fundamental education within wood science and technology for all WWSC PhD students on graduate level in the interdisciplinary topics relevant for WWSC Center. We have hosting thirty students accompanied by their coordinator Prof. Paul Gatenholm from Chalmers.
We have prepared an exciting programme for this WWSC-UPSC meeting with
• lectures by Ove Nilsson, Ewa Mellerowicz, Rosario Garcia Gil and Nathaniel Street on wood biology, wood biotechnology, genetics and genomics
• a poster-session and a research seminar slot where WWSC-Academy PhD students and UPSC PhD students and postdocs will present their research to each other
• a team-building activity “5-kamp” and a BBQ that will foster closer connections of WWSC and UPSC members
• and finally a common workshop of UPSC and WWSC students/postdocs on topics such as “Design of new trees for growth of materials” and “New materials from transgenic trees”

WWSC Academy UPSC Meeting 2015
wwsc 2015 2