The Marcus Wallenberg Foundation proudly annnounces that the Marcus Wallenberg prize for 2007 is awarded to professor Ove Nilsson, Sweden

The Marcus Wallenberg Prize

"Upptäckt om träds blomning ger 2007 års Marcus Wallenbergpris"
"Marcus Wallenberg-priset till Ove Nilsson"

Francesco Gentili, Post Doc at Department of Plant Physiology, UPSC, Umeå University, has been awarded the energy prize 2006 of Innovationsbron Umeå for his winning idea to produce bioenergy from municipal wastewater and at the same time clean wastewater. The prize was given during the Västerbottensdagarna event held in Stockholm
Anita Sellstedt, Professor in Plant physiology at UPSC, Umeå university, has been awarded The Environmental prize of Briggen, 2006, for the discovery of the fungal mix that can increase ethanol production.
One of the largest challenges in the world is to decrease carbon dioxide outlet, which comes from fossil fuels. One way to do so is to use ethanol instead of petrol. With the new fungal mix the ethanol production can be increased due to the fact that the fungi can use a larger variety of carbohydrates than the common yeast does for the production of ethanol.
"Umeåforskare får miljöpris "
The "UPSC Centre for Forest Biotechnology" has been selected as one of four Berzelii centres to receive 10 years of support from the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA).

"200 miljoner kronor till skogsforskning vid UPSC "
"Scientists at UPSC collaborated with groups at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) in Tennessee, the Joint Genome Institute (JGI) in Walnut Creek, California and 33 institutions from around the world in sequencing the first tree genome, the one of black cottonwoods (Populus trichocarpa). The story featured on the cover of the latest issue of Science."

Press release "The First Tree Genome is Published
Pressmeddelande Träd har fler gener än människor