PhDstudents WWSC AcademyThirty graduate students from the Wallenberg Wood Science Center Academy, accompanied by their coordinator Prof. Paul Gatenholm from Chalmers will be visiting UPSC during three days in the early fall. The students have a background in biopolymers and fluid mechanics and want to learn about our research on wood formation and build bridges to UPSC PhD students and postdocs.

We have prepared an exciting programme for this WWSC-UPSC meeting with

  • lectures by Ove Nilsson, Ewa Mellerowicz, Rosario Garcia Gil and Nathaniel Street on wood biology, wood biotechnology, genetics and genomics
  • a poster-session and a research seminar slot where WWSC-Academy PhD students and UPSC PhD students and postdocs will present their research to each other
  • a team-building activity “5-kamp” and a BBQ that will foster closer connections of WWSC and UPSC members
  • and finally a common workshop of UPSC and WWSC students/postdocs on topics such as “Design of new trees for growth of materials” and “New materials from transgenic trees”

The detailed schedule for this meeting can be found pdfhere
Don’t miss this stimulating opportunity that will bring new valuable connections to UPSC!

You are invited to come to the poster-session and dinner on August 31st, the research presentations and social activities on Tuesday September 1st and the workshop on Wednesday September 2nd. We hope to see many of you!
pdfList of poster presentations

Ewa Mellerowicz, Hannele Tuominen and Judith Felten

Photo: PhD students of the WWSC Academy

WWSC Academy

The goal for the Wallenberg Wood Science Center, WWSC Academy is to provide fundamental education within wood science and technology for all WWSC PhD students (30 students) on graduate level in the interdisciplinary topics relevant for WWSC Center. All WWSC graduate students attend series of Summer and Winter Graduate Schools where students dedicate 4-5 days to lectures given by international and national experts both from WWSC and from outside. All schools are combined with site visit. In the first period (2009-2013) we visited Stora Enso´s plant in Skoghall, Södra´s plant in Värö, SCA Hygiene Product´s R&D lab in Göteborg, Paper Province in Karlstad, Borregaard´s plant and R&D facility in Norway. WWSC Academy also plays very important role by creating cohesion between PhD students at WWSC. The summer and winter schools are organized in the form of Gordon Conferences with time for study and also for team building and interactions between students and Faculty who were involved in the courses. That is an important part of fostering new generation of scientists. WWSC graduate students also present the posters at two annual WWSC conferences and the best posters are selected for the price.

Paul Gatenholm, Professor
WWSC Graduate School Coordinator
pdfProgramme of the WWSC Academy-UPSC Meeting August 31st - September 2nd