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Welcome to the 3rd INUPRAG symposium on February 21-23, 2023, at Hotel Mimer in Umeå! Our focus will be on Integrative Plant Biology.

Sustainable production of biomass and high-quality food as well as raw materials are one of today’s major challenges of agriculture and forestry. To achieve this goal while maintaining natural resources and biodiversity, plant developmental and physiological processes from the cellular up to ecosystem levels need to be better understood. This symposium will gather a multidisciplinary group of plant scientists from three main European research institutes (UPSC, INRAE and CRAG) for exchanging ideas and developing new collaborations. 

Around 40 speakers from the INUPRAG cooperation will present their most recent work and future projects. Our goal is to promote extensive discussions and exchange of ideas in a relaxed and informal atmosphere to facilitate networking and new collaborations.

Join us in Umeå and enjoy the amazing Northern Swedish winter!

The Symposium will be held at Elite Hotel Mimer in downtown Umeå.

Please note that we will charge every participant who is not an invited speaker a minor fee of about 800SEK as contribution to cover the costs for the meeting (the amount might be less depending on the final budget of the symposium which is not finalized yet).

The registration is closed.

Abstract book for download:
pdfINUPRAG 2023 abstract book.pdf


Logotype of Umeå Plant Science Centre, INRAE and CRAG