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The UPSC Centre for Forest Biotechnology is a world leading research centre in forest biotechnology. The centre combines excellent basic research with practical applications for forestry and works in close collaboration with the forest industry.

The centre is financed for five years (2017-2021) by the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA) as part of their Competence Centre programme (https://www.vinnova.se/m/kompetenscentrum/). It is a continuation of the UPSC Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology (2007-2016).

The research at the centre concentrates on basic biology and chemistry that underlies important traits in forest trees. We focus on three main areas (Task Forces):
  • Tree growth and productivity
  • Wood development and wood quality
  • Seasonal and age control of perennial growth and development
The centre is localised at the Umeå Plant Science Centre and has two University partners, as well as seven industrial partners. Several projects around plant fertilization and regeneration, somatic embryogenesis and next generation of modified trees are running in close collaboration with those partners. 

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