Exam Projects

Analysing carbon fluxes in plant leaves by cutting-edge isotope techniques – Totte Niittylä & Thomas Wieloch

Characterisation of microalgae for waste water reclamation - Christiane Funk

Characterization of FTSHi proteases of chloroplast in Arabidopsis thaliana - Christiane funk

Characterization of GLRs localization in Arabidopsis and Tomato – Peter Marhavy

Characterization of the plant circadian clock in plants by analysis of rhythmic leaf movements – Maria Eriksson

Cloning and characterization of genes involved in regulating leaf cell shape – Stephanie Robert

Conifer Genomics project – Harry Wu

Effect of light on adventitious root development in Arabidopsis thaliana – Catherine Bellini

Essential evolutionarily-conserved single copy genes in plants – Totte Niittylä

Field trials of transgenic aspen – Ewa Mellerowicz

Flowering time and floral development in Arabidopsis thaliana – Markus Schmid

From Sugar to Wood - Totte Niittylä

Hemicelluloses – key determinants of wood properties - Ewa Mellerowicz

Investigating the function of molecular players of plant photoprotection - Alizée Malnoë

Investigating the role of cuticle in plant development - Stephanie Robert

Mechanics and dynamics of cell-cell adhesion in plants: From Arabidopsis cell adhesion to poplar wood fibers elongation – Stephane Verger

Metabolic adjustments in response to pathogen infection – Johannes Hanson

Molecular Regulation of Flowering, Bud Set and and Bud Break in Trees - Ove Nilsson

Molecular regulation of plant nutrient transporters – Torgny Näsholm

R&D: Implementation of Norway spruce wood quality into operational breeding - Rosario Garcia-Gil

Regenerates like a salamander: Marchantia polymorpha, a liverworth that is worth studying - Laszlo Bako

Regulation of mitochondrial nitrogen metabolism during leaf senescence – Olivier Keech

Role of pre-mRNA splicing in plant temperature responses – Markus Schmid

Secondary cell wall integrity perception in Arabidopsis thaliana - Ewa Mellerowicz

Setting up a protocol for CRISPR editing in spruce protoplasts – Ove Nilsson, Ulrika Egertsdotter

Shade Avoidance in Conifers: A Collaboration between UPSC (Umeå, Sweden)-IBMCP (Valencia, Spain) - Rosario Garcia-Gil

The proteasome-specific protein turnover – Olivier Keech

Tor Dependent translational regulation – Johannes Hanson

Unravelling the molecular mechanisms that shape root system architecture in response to organic nitrogen - Karin Ljung

What is the role of antisense non-coding transcription in plants? - Peter Kindgren

Wounding in the plant roots: Contribution of MYB15 transcription factor during the healing process after nematode induced damage – Peter Marhavy