UPSC is a highly dynamic institute with around 200 employees, 30 principal investigators and about 10 associated principal investigators. Approximately half of our staff is non-Swedish and the working language is English. We recruit researchers from all over the world. More than 40 nations are represented at UPSC. Post-doctoral fellows have the most diverse nationalities, but also our PIs, graduate and undergraduate students represent many different nations.

Are you interested in joining us? Please have a look below for currently open job opportunities. You are also always welcome to contact our principal investigators directly if you are interested in working with them.

The postdoctoral fellowship supported by the stipend from Kempe Foundation is available to study cell wall of the wood cells in Ewa Mellerowicz’s lab at UPSC, Sweden.

Applications are considered until the position is filled.

Plant cell walls are protecting the protoplasts, regulating cell shape, and providing tissue strength. They are also involved in signalling used to coordinate development and adjust cell wall biosynthesis, but the components of these signalling networks are not well understood, especially in cells depositing secondary walls. We are studying the roles of hemicelluloses in wood cell wall biology. We have a battery of transgenic aspen lines in which the structure of the main hemicellulose - xylan - was specifically engineered using fungal enzymes. This project is aiming at identifying changes in wood cell wall chemistry induced by the altered xylan structure.

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