130508 104912 jgResearchers from UPSC and SciLifeLab in Stockholm have led the work to sequence genome of Norway spruce (the Christmas tree) ­ a species with huge economic and ecological importance - and that is the largest genome to have ever been sequenced. The genome is complex and seven times larger than that of humans. The results are published in Nature.

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upsc cones[2013-03-15] Sweden's governmental innovation agency, Vinnova, has evaluated its four Berzelii Centres, and has given a spectacular review for the one at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC). The evaluation team concluded that it "is one of the top forest biotechnology research establishments in the world."

The UPSC Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology has recently been assessed for the second time by an international evaluation team. The centre receives funding from the Swedish Research Council (VR) and the Swedish Governmental Agency for Innovation Systems (VINNOVA).

The Centre's success is due to many contributing causes, but the investigators stress that the most important reason is "an exceptional leadership" that has the vision, focus, commitment and skill that is necessary to make success possible.

Logo SMC11-12 March 2013 at KBC
Stora Hörsalen, KB3B1

Welcome to the Inauguration of the Swedish Metabolomics Centre!
The former metabolomics platform at KBC has expanded. All interested people, experts and non-experts, who want to learn more about the new established centre and its service and research are
welcome to an inspiring symposium at KBC.
Marianne Sommarin, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Research at Umeå University, and Johan Schnürer, Deputy Vice-chancellor for Cooperation at SLU, will inaugurate the new centre on 12 March at 10:40 am, Large Lecture hall "Stora hörsalen", KB3B1, KBC.

Read more (web page of the Swedish Metabolomics Centre)

Ove Nilsson UPSC Johan Gunseus webbOve Nilsson, director of UPSC and professor of forest genetics and plant physiology, is one of 16 Wallenberg Scholars who were appointed by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation on Tuesday, 11th December. The Wallenberg Scholar programme is supporting extraordinary scientists in Sweden and ensures economic security for longterm reseach projects.
Professor Nilsson's research is focused on regulation of meristem identity and flowering time in Arabidopsis and poplar. He will be funded with 15 million SEK during a period of 5 years.

Edouard Pesquet web1A UPSC scientist became the first Gunnar Öquist Fellow at Umeå University

During a ceremony at KBC on Tuesday, Dec 4, 2012, Dr Edouard Pesquet was awarded the first Gunnar Öquist fellowship by Carl Kempe, chairman of the Kempe Foundations. Pesquet, a group leader at Umeå Plant Science Centre, received the diploma from Professor Gunnar Öquist, former permanent secretary of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, In presence of vice-chancellor Lena Gustafsson and Marianne Sommarin, deputy vice-chancellor for research at Umeå University. The Gunnar Öquist fellowship amounts to a research grant of three Million SEK and 50.000 SEK for personal use.  


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vr 2012 3From top. Stephanie Robert, Åsa Strand, Christiane Funk, Rishikesh Bhalerao, Stefan Jansson and Johannes Messinger.4+2 UPSC researchers were granted funding from the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) this year.
Stephanie Robert was assigned a Young Researcher Grant of 4,2 million SEK, Åsa Strand received 4,55 million SEK, Rishi Bhalerao 2,6 million SEK and Stefan Jansson 5 milllon SEK.

Associate UPSC-PIs Christiane Funk and Johannes Messinger will get funding for "Energy related basic research", financed by Energimyndigheten but evaluated by the Swedish Research Council "
Stefan JanssonUPSC scientist Stefan Jansson is reporting in Radion Sweden's popular science programme "Klotet" about the field experiment with gene modified aspen in Southern Sweden. Follow the programme on Wednesday, 10 Oct at 13.20, Thursday 11 Oct 19.03 and Friday 12 Oct at 1.02 (picture by Johan Bergendorff/Radio Sweden).

Web page on Radio Sweden (in Swedish)

Rishi Karin StephanieMarkus Grebe 2Markus Grebe and co-applicants Karin Ljung, Rishikesh Bhalerao, Stéphanie Robert from UPSC together with Magnus Berggren (Linköping University) and Henrik Jönsson (Lund University) have been granted 31.3 Million SEK from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundaton for their proposed project "ShapeSystems - Systemsbiology of Plant Cell Shape". With this financial support the plant scientists will study the mechanisms that regulate how cells find their shape, important for the understanding of plant growth, development and biomass production. This project is one of 25 projects in Sweden funded by the foundation within this call.

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Picture: Markus Grebe (left), Karin Ljung, Rishikesh Bhalerao, and Stéphanie Robert (from left on the right picture). Photographer: Kjell Olofsson, UPSC

Gran20 September 2012, 10-17.10, Lilla hörsalen KB3A9, KBC

The events are organised by the KBC Proteomics Platform in collaboration with the International Plant Proteomics Organization INPPO and Plant Link

Read more and download programme/abstract at KBC website
Markus Grebe and Stefano PietraDuring the first European "Fascination of Plants Day" 2012 that occured at 18th of May, UPSC researcher Markus Grebe was interviewed by the journal of Cell biology.
Markus Grebe studies the establishment and maintenance of cell and tissue polarity in plants

The full interview can be read here
More information on Grebes research
Swedish Fascination of Plants Day website