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KBC-Days 2009

All day
The KBC Days 2009 will take place on 16-17 November 2009

All members of the KBC-Departments are welcome to two days of communication, celebration and inspiration. We cordially invite our research partners and friends who like to learn more about our centre.

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Fascination of Plants Day 2017

All day
For more information about the event have a look here:

UPSC Monday Seminar 2019

Mon. 28 Oct, 2019 9:00 - 10:00
UPSC Monday Seminarseries 2019

9:00 Tuuli Aro
Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

Title: Norway spruce - Molecular network of cold tolerance and spring frost heritability

Supervisor: Vaughan Hurry

9:30 Sonali Ranade
Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology

Title: The conifer perspective: From effects of monochromatic light to shade avoidance/tolerance

Supervisor: María Rosario García Gil

Place: Lilla hörsalen
Time: 9:00-10:00

Contact: Anne Honsel

UPSC all meeting

Mon. 28 Oct, 2019 10:15 - 11:15

Master thesis presentation: Han Nguyen

Mon. 28 Oct, 2019 13:30 - 14:30
Master thesis presentation

Han Nguyen

Department of Plant Physiology

Title: Nitrogen fixation of two symbionts in the boreal area of Sweden

Supervisor: Anita Sellstedt

Room: KB.J3.01 Lecture room