Procedure for transformation request
  • Fill in the request below. Choose the construct name carefully, so it will be possible to identify the construct in the database in the future, both for yourself and for others.
  • Print a paper copy of the confirmation of the request (use the browsers print function)
  • Place the paper copy in the plastic basket, marked request forms, on floor 4 outside the greenhouse.
  • Your transformation will be given a database number by Susanne Larsson.
  • You will be contacted by a person in the transformation facility team, and you can together agree on a date when the transformation will be done. We will decide within the team who will be the responsible person.

Use your normal UMU-ID or SLU-ID login to the Request Form

There is no exception from this procedure. The transformations will be done in order.
Please, do not go and talk to any of us and ask to go before in the queue. That is not fair to your fellow colleagues and not fair to us.