UPSC offers two information documents of relevance to postdoctoral researchers, available below.

The document “Postdoctoral Researchers at UPSC” contains a lot of helpful information regarding tax, health insurance, benefits and the UPSC postdoc’s duty, which may be particularly useful for newly arriving postdocs. The document also outlines the differences between postdocs on taxed salaries and postdocs on tax-free stipends as well as important information for group leaders regarding the postdocs in their research group.

pdfPostdoctoral_researchers_UPSC_Jan2017.pdf304.21 KB

The document “Guide to Postdoc Positions at UPSC” explains the various different types of postdoc and related positions that exist at the two different departments of UPSC and the rules associated with each position.

pdfPostdoc_positions_at_UPSC_Jan2017.pdf424.32 KB