Stefan Jansson is standing in front of aspen tree stems. Only his upper body is visible. He has a jacket and a blue scarf on and looks into the camera.Stefan Jansson (photo: Fredrik Larsson)

Stefan Jansson, plant researcher and professor at Umeå University, is honoured by Örebro University and The Hamrin Foundation for his research communication.

There is a conscious effort behind Stefan Jansson's success in reaching out to the society with his research. For many years, he has chosen to set aside one day a week for public outreach.

"Many researchers do not have this opportunity because it hinders their academic career. It is therefore very good that this prize exists as the academic system does not manage to reward research communication very well," he says in an interview with Örebro University.

Stefan Jansson is professor of plant cell and molecular biology at the Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå University, and group leader at Umeå Plant Science Centre. He receives the prize of SEK 100 000 "for decades of patiently contributing the scientific perspective in the polarised debate on genetically modified crops".

In addition to a number of debate articles, Stefan Jansson has also written a book on GMOs, which has been published in several languages, and given a number of lectures on his research.

Read the full interview and more about the award on Örebro University's website (in Swedish only)

Text: Sara-Lena Brännström (Umeå University)