Catherine Bellini (left), Marta Derba-Maceluch (middle) and Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund (right) are standing next to each other in front of a Christmas tree; Marta is holding a white certificate in her handMarta Derba-Maceluch (middle) was presented the UPSC Agrisera Prize 2023 by Catherine Bellini (left), chairmen of the UPSC Board, and Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund (right) from Agrisera

Marta Derba-Maceluch receives this year’s UPSC Agrisera Prize for her scientific contributions and dedication to providing excellent technical support for users of the UPSC Microscopy Facility. In its motivation, the UPSC Board highlights Marta Derba-Maceluch’s commitment to maintaining a safe work environment at UPSC. The prize was presented yesterday during the traditional UPSC Christmas lunch.

Marta Derba-Maceluch started working at UPSC in 2009 when she joined Ewa Mellerowicz’s research group as a postdoc. Since then, she has contributed to over twenty publications on wood biology and plant cell wall research and a patent for genetically modified plants with improved saccharification properties.

Marta Derba-Maceluch took over many responsibilities for the anatomy and microscopy equipment available at UPSC, and since 2022, she has been managing the UPSC Microscopy Facility. She also regularly gives courses on working with highly allergenic compounds and ensures that all rules are followed to provide a safe environment for everyone at UPSC.

The nomination for Marta Derba-Maceluch highlights her strong skills in anatomy and microscopy and her dedication to pass on this knowledge to her colleagues at UPSC. It also emphasizes Marta Derba-Maceluch’s approachability and commitment to achieve the best possible results.

“We are very grateful for such competent and engaged colleagues like Marta, and this prize allows us to thank them for their work and commitment,” says Catherine Bellini, chairperson of the UPSC Board, who presented the prize today to Marta Derba-Maceluch together with Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund from Agrisera.

The UPSC Board awards the UPSC Agrisera Prize every year for the best scientific achievement and significant commitment to improving the UPSC work environment. Agrisera sponsors it in the form of a travel voucher. Everyone at UPSC can nominate a PhD student, postdoctoral researcher, staff scientist, or technician. The prize recipient is chosen by the members of the UPSC Board and announced during the traditional UPSC Christmas lunch.