Clément Boussardon and Catherine Bellini holding the UPSC Agrisera AwardCatherine Bellini (right), chairmen of the UPSC Board, hands over the UPSC Agrisera Prize 2021 to Clément Boussardon (left) (photo: Anne Honsel)

[2021-12-08] During yesterday’s traditional UPSC Christmas lunch, Clément Boussardon was awarded with the UPSC Agrisera Prize 2021. He is acknowledged for his scientific achievements resulting in establishing valuable methods for the scientific community and his commitment for the UPSC community and work environment. The prize was handed over by Catherine Bellini, chairmen of the UPSC Board, and Fanny Högdahl from Agrisera.

Clément Boussardon came to UPSC in 2017 joining Olivier Keech’s group as postdoc. During his time at UPSC, he developed methods to tissue-specifically isolate plant organelles and contributed to establish a gene atlas for iron containing proteins. Most of these tools are already published and available for the scientific community at UPSC and beyond. Clément Boussardon engages actively in scientific discussions at UPSC trying to help advancing also other research projects.

Besides his scientific contribution, Clément Boussardon took responsibility to improve the work environment at UPSC. He was part of the group organising a new common laboratory that was established in 2019 and he continuously helps to improve the laboratory organisation with suggestions and active support. One of the two nominations that were send in for Clément Boussardon even pointed out that he is organising floorball games for the UPSC community in his free time.

“There are many people at UPSC who we would like to acknowledge and thank for their work and the commitment they invest into making UPSC a good place to work,” says Catherine Bellini, chairmen of the UPSC Board who announced the winner of the prize. “It is every year very difficult to choose one out of several good suggestions, but I think the board took a very good decision.”

Six nomination letters were sent in for this year’s UPSC Agrisera Prize. Two of them were for Clément Boussardon. The Prize - a travel voucher - is sponsored by Agrisera and awards every year a PhD student, postdoc or technician for excellent scientific achievement and great commitment to improve the work environment at UPSC. Everyone working at UPSC can nominate a colleague for the UPSC Agrisera Prize and the members of the UPSC board select the winner of the prize.