Ministerbesok UPSC 3935 190321 MPN 1920x1080Minister Matilda Ernkrans with Ove Nilsson, director of UPSC, in the Wallenberg Lab 

[2019-03-21] Matilda Ernkrans, Swedish Minister for Higher Education and Research, visited today Umeå University and Umeå Plant Science Centre. She got a tour through the facilities, including the new phenotyping platform and the Swedish Metabolomics Centre, and was discussing actual questions regarding research and society with researcher from UPSC.

Ministerbesok UPSC 3987 190321 MPN 1920x1080At the new phenotyping platform 
Ministerbesok UPSC 4005 190321 MPN 1920x1080At the Swedish Metabolomics Centre 
Ministerbesok UPSC 4055 190321 MPN 1920x1080Discussion in the UPSC lunchroom
Photos: Mattias Petersson