Sommarin marianne 0801 110923 EBE 1920x1080Marianne Sommarin, Professor at the Department of Plant Physiology, Umeå University (Photo: Elin Berge)

The University board of Umeå University has decided to award Marianne Sommarin with Umeå University’s Medal for Merit. The Medal is given to people that made particularly significant contribution to the University.

Marianne Sommarin started to work as guest professor at the Umeå Plant Science Centre in 2003 and became Professor at Umeå University in 2018. She was Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Umeå University in the years 2008-2016, advisor for the Vice-Chancellor and had assignments for a number of national research infrastructures. She is currently chair of the national board of the MAX IV Laboratory, the Swedish synchroton facility.

Find more information in the Swedish Press Release from Umeå University