IMG 4877 Strand group Dec 2018a 1920x1080Åsa Strand (first from left in the first row) and her group in December 2018 (photo: Anne Honsel)
[2018-12-13] The Swedish Research Council announced the new members of its board and of its scientific councils. Åsa Strand, professor at UPSC, is one of the nine members of the Scientific Council for Natural and Engineering Sciences. Her mandate is for three years (2019-2021).

The Swedish Research Council is a government agency within the Ministry of Education and Research that fund research and research infrastructure in all scientific disciplines. The council also has an advisory role to the Government on research policy issues and work to increase understanding of the long-term societal benefits of research.

The new members of the Scientific Councils are elected by an election assembly that is formed by representatives from the Swedish higher education institutions. In total, 165 electors are selected to appoint the new members of the three Scientific Councils and also the members of the board of the Swedish Research Council.