Six collaborative projects were selected by external reviewers and are now open for application. The postdoctoral fellows will be recruited at the Umeå Plant Science Centre in Sweden but will spend some time at the collaborating partner institute either in France or in Spain. The goal is to intensify the exchange between the three partners of the INUPRAG cooperation

The INUPRAG cooperation exists since 2015 and is a collaboration between the Umeå Plant Science Centre(UPSC, Sweden), the National Institute for Agricultural Research(INRA, France) and the Centre for Research in Agricultural Genomics(CRAG, Spain). The goals are to foster joint research projects in plant science between the different partners and to train young scientists through regular exchanges between the partner laboratories. 

The six granted postdoctoral projects cover different topics within plant science. All group leaders from UPSC could apply with collaborative projects for the postdoctoral fellowships. Three (?) external referees evaluated all submitted projects and selected the six best, three from Umeå University (Department of Plant Physiology) and three from SLU (Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology). 

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The granted projects are: 

Project 1: Interactions between Plastid and Light Signalling Pathways

Project leaders: Åsa Strand (UPSC) & Elena Monte (CRAG)

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Project 2: Regulation of the Master Floral Regulator LEAFY by Ubiquitination through the E3 Ligases UFO and BOP2 

Project leaders: Markus Schmid (UPSC), Ove Nilsson (UPSC) & François Parcy (INRA, Grenoble)

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Project 3: An evo-devo approach to elucidate the role of PIRIN proteins during non-cell autonomous lignification

Project leaders: Hannele Tuominen (UPSC) and Richard Sibout (INRA, Nantes)

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Postdoctoral project 4: Unravelling cluster root emergence in white lupin

Project leaders: Stéphanie Robert (UPSC) & Benjamin Péret (INRA, Montpellier)

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Project 5: Cell wall mediated control of differential cell elongation in Arabidopsis hook Development

Project leaders: Rishikesh Bhalerao (UPSC) and Olivier Hamant (ENS, INRA, Lyon)

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Project 6: Enabling scale-up of somatic embryogenesis (SE) plant production by physiological analysis of embryos processed in bioreactors and the R&D SE System for harvest

Project leaders: Ulrika Egertsdotter (UPSC) and Marie-Anne Lelu-Walter (INRA, Orleans)

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