The “European Molecular Biology Organization“ (EMBO) announced today the election of 58 new EMBO Members. Ove Nilsson, director at Umeå Plant Science Centre (UPSC) and SLU in Umeå, is one of the researchers that are recognized with their election for their achievements in life science.

Once a year the EMBO council elects outstanding scientists to receive the EMBO Membership. This year 50 new Members from Europe and 8 Associated Members from China, Japan, Lithuania, Singapore and the United States were chosen. They are now part of a network that has the goal to promote the European research environment.

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Ove Nilsson focuses in his research on two main questions: how do plants control the time when they are flowering and how do perennial plants control their growth during the different seasons of the year. He is funded as Wallenberg scholar by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation that supports only the most successful researches at Swedish Universities.

He is also the director of the UPSC Berzelii Centre for Forest Biotechnology, a centre of excellence funded by the Swedish Research Council and VINNOVA. The vision of this Centre is to promote an environment where cutting-edge research and Swedish forest industry can interact easily and efficiently with each other.

EMBO Members are involved in all activities EMBO is organizing e.g. courses, workshops and conferences. The organisation also provides financial support for research projects and it influences actively science policy with its “Science Policy Programme”. Moreover, EMBO publishes four scientific journals to which EMBO Members have free access to.  

The EMBO organisation was founded in 1964 on recommendation of the two British biologists John Kendrew and Conrad Waddington. They wanted to intensify the collaboration between European molecular biologists. Today, more than 1700 excellent scientists are elected EMBO Members.

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