Welcome to the Swedish Experimental Plant Science Symposium

This meeting is a follow-up on the successful meeting in Uppsala where plant researchers working in Sweden meet and discuss common interests, national policies and strategies for Swedish plant science. This is also the moment for new PI to get welcomed into the Swedish plant community. Join the meeting and network to find synergies between your work and other researchers for joint national proposals or just meet the locals after a week with international interaction at the SPPS meeting.

Note - The meeting is only for PIs active in Swedish universities.
Fee covers dinner. The rest of the costs are sponsored by the three research centers UPSC, Linnaeus and Plant Link.
We will meet in the room Bergsmannen, close to the aula used for the main SPPS meeting.

Preliminary schedule:
13:30   Welcome – introduction

13:40   New SPPS board informs on future developments
               Stefan Jansson, UPSC, Umeå University

13:50   Current European-wide policy activities
            Jens Sundström, Department of Plant Biology, SLU Uppsala

14:20   SPPS early career PI network
            Karin Stensjö, Microbial Chemistry, Uppsala University

14:30   "Exploring the full potential of cyanobacteria for production of solar fuels"
            Karin Stensjö, Microbial Chemistry, Uppsala University

15:00   "Quantitative modeling in (plant) cell biology"
            Andreas Grönlund, UPSC, Umeå University

15:30   Coffee

16:00   How to get the students to continue with experimental plant biology?
            Panel discussion with the coordinators of the master programs in plant biology.
            Representatives from Stockholm, Umeå, Uppsala, SLU, Lund and Gothenburg

16:45   “Towards Sustainable control of potato late blight”
               Laura Grenville-Briggs, Department of Plant Protection Biology, SLU Alnarp

17:15   “Replication-dependent nucleosome assembly represses spurious activation of defence responses  in Arabidopsis”                                     
               Iva Mozgova,
Department of Plant Biology, SLU Uppsala

17:45   “Hormonal regulation of development in the liverwort Marchantia polymorpha
               Magnus Eklund, Department of Ecology and Genetics, Uppsala  University

18:15   Closing and joint walk to dinner

18:30   Buffet dinner and get together.
            The faculty club

Direct your questions, comments and suggestions to:

Johannes Hanson
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