Dear forest tree genomics community,

This page contains important information about the Forest Tree Workshop, which will be held at the Plant and Animal Genome XXIV (PAG XXIV) conference on Sunday Jan. 10 in San Diego

As coordinators of the Forest Tree Workshop and deputies of IUFRO Working Party 2.04.10 -Tree Genomics, we (Jeanne Romero-Severson, Nathaniel Street, and Larry Smart), continue the tradition of organizing a community-based PAG Forest Tree Workshop that provides a forum for presentation of the latest results in forest tree genomics by PIs, postdocs, and students.

We are contacting all possible participants to solicit draft abstracts to be considered for oral presentation at the workshop. We will then screen these abstracts for the most appropriate work to be presented at the workshop, taking into account the quality of the science, novelty of the results, and organismal, geographic, and research group diversity. As is customary for this workshop, we will particularly strive to provide opportunities for early-career researchers to present their work, so please encourage your students and postdocs to submit abstracts.

Those selected for oral presentations by this process will then be asked to submit abstracts as invited speakers directly to PAG no later than October 30tht, 2015.

If you wish your work to be considered for an oral presentation at the PAG XXIV Forest Tree Workshop, you MUST submit a draft abstract using this web form NO LATER THAN OCTOBER 12, 2015.

Selected speakers will be informed by OCT. 21 that they can submit their abstracts to PAG on-line either as invited speakers in the Forest Tree Workshop or as posters (final abstracts due by OCT 30; PAG XXIV early bird registration deadline also OCT 30).

Thank you for your interest and participation in the workshop. We look forward to receiving your abstracts.

Best wishes, Larry Smart, Nathaniel Street, and Jeanne Romero-Severson
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The abstract submission form is now closed