Cell wall biology, biotechnology and genomics

UPSC is organising a symposium together with a Canadian program called WOW (working on walls) in July 3-4 in Umeå.

WOW is a graduate training program between several different labs working with different aspects of cell wall formation in several different countries, and the host university of the program is the University of British Columbia (UBC).

There will be WOW graduate students and PIS coming to this symposium from UBC, Strasbourg, Japan and UPSC. In addition, we have invited three speakers to this symposium. Some of the international speakers of this symposium will be:

Taku Demura, NAIST, Japan
Naomi Geshi, Copenhagen University
Carl Douglas, UBC
Daniele Werck, CNRS, Strasbourg
Maija Tenkanen, Helsinki University
Thorsten Hamann, Trondheim University

pdfProgramme downloadable here353.36 KB

Graduate students are encouraged to participate in the poster session. Please submit the abstract also directly to Veronica Bourquin.

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