boende bjorklidenThe Norway Spruce Genome Project (Sweden)
The White Spruce SMarTForests Project (Canada)
The Loblolly Pine PineRefSeq Project (USA)

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The 2013 Conifer Genome Sequencing Summit
June 14 - 17 2013 in Björkliden, Lapland, Sweden

Download pogramme (available soon)

Register below and apply for the meeting. We would like to keep the number of participants around 50 to make sure that the meeting stays informal and productive. In case the interest of the meeting will be very high, the organizing committee will reserve the right to select among applicants, based on their involvement in projects with relevance for the subject of the meeting. You could submit a "mini-abstract" describing in a few sentences how you could contribute to the meeting. Once your application has been accepted, you will receive a mail and could then go on and book accommodation.

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