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Monday, September 11, 2023 8:00 - 17:00
9 Hours

Welcome to the second kick-off event for the national SciLifeLab site – now hosted by Umeå!

SciLifeLab has launched four new sites across Sweden in 2022. The sites, located in Gothenburg, Linköping, Lund, and Umeå, will be crucial in promoting scientific research and research infrastructure nationally, while also strengthening the collaboration between all Swedish universities. Throughout this year, each site arrange a whole day program to highlight the national and local perspectives of SciLifeLab. 

Learn more about the services and infrastructure development, research highlights, and activities offered by SciLifeLab, both nationally and locally; interact with the SciLifeLab capabilities - Precision Medicine, Pandemic Laboratory Preparedness and Planetary Biology, and much more! Site Umeå cordially invite the research community of Umeå and beyond to join, network, and celebrate together the Umeå site inauguration!

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