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Tuesday, May 14, 2024 16:00 - 17:00
1 Hour

Company Seminar: Traitomic - Agnieszka Nielsen

Speaker: Agnieszka Nielsen
Traitomic , Copenhagen, Denmark

Title: Induced genetic variation: Precision breeding utilizing conventional breeding technologies

An innovative, accelerated trait development process, enables consumer accepted precision breeding, utilizing non-GM technologies

TRAITOMIC is a Carlsberg spin-out that is specialized in developing vast libraries of genetic variants in elite germplasm to identify traits of interest in plants and microbes. We have established successful collaborations with both, universities, and the agri-food industry. Utilizing only traditional breeding techniques, TRAITOMIC fast-tracks the identification of traits by combining large genetic libraries with an innovative and patented screening method. The method was validated in various crops, including several legumes as well as tropical plants for the identification of valuable traits. The platform technology is also routinely used to develop microbial strains for applications in food, feed, and agricultural bio-solutions. This non-GM approach can lead from seed to trait or cell to trait in a few weeks, thereby accelerating project deliverables and time to market for commercial products.

Hosts: Stephan Wenkel and Jian-Feng Mao