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Agrisera Award 2014 Delphine Gendre20141216 webThe 2014 Agrisera prize is awarded to Delphine Gendre for her excellent scientific contributions involving highly skilled work looking at protein trafficking. This has lead to important publications in prestigious journals such as Plant Cell and PNAS. Delphine is also a very collegial and helpful person and has contributed to important dicussions about UPSC working conditions through her work on the UPSC board.

The award was presented by Greger Nordlund, Agrisera, on Tuesday, 16 December 2014, at UPSC.
(Picture: Joanna Porankiewicz-Asplund (Agrisera), Delphine Gendre, Greger Nordlund (Agrisera), Ove Nilsson)

SVD article bildDebate article in Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet, 2014-12-16

Åsa Strand and Stefan Jansson, both professors at Umeå Plant Science Centre, are two of the six leading scientists who criticize Swedish and EU politicians acquiescence to non-science based arguments to halt research on genetically modified plants (GM). Moving away from current rules based on scientific assessments is a step backwards, the scientists write in a debate article in Svenska Dagbladet, SvD.

Article in Svenska Dagbladet, 2014-12-16 (in Swedish)
Gunnar Oquist Danish Research Foundation Dannebrogorden lrGunnar Öquist, professor at UPSC, was honoured by the Danish National Research Foundation with the Royal Order of the Danneborg. He received the Order of Knight for his "invaluable contribution to Danish and international research including the Danish National Research Foundation", the foundation stated in its press release on 4 December 2015. Gunnar Öquist has contributed to the first evaluation of the Danish National Research Foundation in 2003 and accepted in 2005 to become a member of the Board, where he during eight years played a central role in the success of the research foundation's activity.

The research foundation credited Gunnar Öquist's  extensive knowledge which involved him in research evaluations world wide. Gunnar Öquist is one of the main authors of the important Swedish report Fostering breakthrough research: A comparative study, which highlights Danish elite research as a success story.

Press release of the Danish National Research Foundation

(picture: Danish National Research Foundation)