On this page, you will find information about what you need to do and to think on when moving to Sweden from abroad. The information on this page is adjusted for working at the UPSC. You can find further information on the following pages. Please note that UPSC is formed by two departments from two different Universities - Umeå University and Swedish University of Agricultural Science (SLU). Some regulations are different between the different departments.

Umeå University and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences have gathered information on these pages which is partly general, partly specific for people working at either universities:



You can find more general information also on these pages:

Information from the Swedish Migration Board

Information from the Swedish Tax office



iUPSC registration

When your employment at the department within UPSC is established, you will get a user-name and password to be able to register online at register.upsc.se (ask your supervisor for it). Once you have registered, preparations for your stay here will start. iUPSC will apply for housing on your behalf and assist you otherwise as well, if necessary.

Your contact person at UPSC will book laboratory space, desk space, computer etc..

info 16x16register.upsc.se


Swedish personal number

You have to apply for a Swedish personal number at the Tax Office (Skatteverket). Your personal number works as a social security number and is your personal identification code when in contact with Swedish authorities and for other necessities as health care, dental care, opening bank accounts, Internet connection, daycare for your child and more.

To be able to apply for a Swedish personal number your stay must be at least one year long.

Important for Non-EU citizens: your residence permit must also be valid for at least one year after your date of arrival to Sweden.

You will receive your personal number by ordinary mail, so make sure you have your name on your mailbox! It takes between 1-2 weeks to receive it, sometimes more.

info 16x16 Skatteverket


Swedish Identity card

As soon as you have got your personal number you can apply for the Swedish Identity card. You will need the card e.g. to open a bank account. You can apply for an ID card at the Tax Office (Skatteverket). Check on their homepage for the conditions you need to fullfill to apply for the ID card before you go there.

info 16x16 Skatteverket


Bank account

There are different banks available to open an account:

info 16x16Swedbank
info 16x16SEB
info 16x16Handelsbanken
info 16x16Länsförsäkringar
info 16x16Nordea