Plants need a flexible metabolism in order to respond to the variable environmental conditions that they experience. We investigate leaf metabolism with the aim of obtaining a better understanding of the metabolic pathways involved, their regulation and compartmentation.We focus in particular on the interactions between mitochondria and chloroplasts in two sub-projects: (1) the interaction of respiratory and photosyn- thetic metabolic pathways in photosynthetically active cells and (2) the involvement of mitochondria and respiratory metabolism in the process of leaf senescence.

Per Gardestrom 1150Respiration/photorespiration
Mitochondria fulfill essential functions in the energy metabo- lism of all cells. In leaves, mitochondrial activities in the light are closely related to photosynthetic metabolism, and many of the interactions between chloroplasts and mitochondria are coupled to photorespiration. In the light, a major function for leaf mitochondria is oxidation of glycine in the photorespiratory glycolate pathway.The flux through this pathway is considerable and involves redox reactions in chloroplasts, peroxisomes and mitochondria that strongly affect the redox situation of the cell. As a consequence, the TCA cycle appears to be reorganized in the light, so that it changes from being the main source of energy in the dark to providing a flexible mechanism that enables the cell to sustain optimal photosynthesis.This highlights the fact that the cell functions as a unit. Current studies on mitochondrial malate dehydrogenases, alternative dehydrogenases and C/N relations aim to further explore the contributions of mitochondria to photosynthetic metabolism.

Gardestrom bild1Rapid senescence is induced by darkening a few leaves while the rest of the plant remain in light (A). After six to eight days in darkness leaves have lost most of their chlorophyll (B) and the cytoskeleton is degraded (C-E). Confocal microscopy picture of a leaf cell (top left) Chloroplasts are red and mitochondria green.

Gardestrom bild3Hypothetical interactions between acclimation and senescenceLeaf senescence is an active and closely controlled process in which nutrients are reallocated from decaying leaves to other plant organs. Mitochondria and respiratory metabolism can contribute to this process by providing ATP and carbon skeletons.We use Arabidopsis as a model to study both natural (age-induced) and dark-induced leaf senescence. In particular we have used an experimental system where individual leaves are darkened (IDL) and compared the effect to darkening of whole plants (DP).The IDL treatment leads to fast and syn- chronous senescence with loss of photosynthetic capacity due to chloroplast degradation and dismantling of the microtubular network (see picture). However, mitochondrial integrity and functions are maintained. In DP, chloroplasts and microtubules are maintained much longer whereas number of mitochondria decrease. Based on metabolomic and transcriptomic results, we suggest that leaves from DP enter a stand-by metabolic state of low respiratory activity. In contrast, IDL show high respiratory activity with active mitochondrial contribution to the retrieval of nutrients from senescing leaves. Not only darkness but also very low light can induce leaf senescence. However, here also light acclimation will contribute and induction of the senes- cence response will only occur at light intensities below the light compensation point, although at a much slower rate than in complete darkness. To further study the process we have preformed a mutant screen to isolate mutants with a delayed senescence phenotype (functional stay-green). In ongoing experiments we aim to elucidate the mechanism for induction of leaf senescence and the metabolic adjustments related to the process.
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