Persson J, Nasholm T
Regulation of amino acid uptake by carbon and nitrogen in Pinus sylvestris
Planta: 2003 217:309-315
The simultaneous uptake of 13 different amino acids by Scots pine ( Pinus sylvestris L.) was characterized and its regulation investigated after pre-treatments with a range of C and N metabolites. The uptake system exhibited a broad substrate specificity, acquiring all tested amino acids at similar uptake rates. Uptake of all tested amino acids by excised roots was linear over a time period of 150 min and exhibited pH-dependency, showing a peak at pH 4.0-5.0. Uptake was increased following pre-treatments with glucose and sucrose, while ammonium pre-treatments had a negative effect on amino acid acquisition. Pre-treatments with the important Krebs cycle intermediates oxaloacetate or 2-oxoglutarate did not result in altered amino acid uptake. It is speculated that the up-regulation of uptake may be due to an increased flow of glucose through a sensor mechanism, such as hexokinase. The regulation of transport by N and C suggests a function for amino acid uptake in the N nutrition of the plant, thus further highlighting the importance of organic nitrogen for plant N nutrition suggested by an increasing amount of research.
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