Hogberg P, Jensen P, Nasholm T, Ohlsson H
Uptake of Mg-24 by Excised Pine Roots - a Preliminary-Study
Plant and Soil: 1995 172:323-326
Uptake of Mg-24 by excised roots of Pinus sylvestris L. during up to 4 h long incubations in 99.9 atom % Mg-24 (50 mu M) was measured by ICP-MS. A rapid initial uptake phase (30 min) was followed by a slower uptake. This was interpreted as a shift from a phase dominated by saturable ion exchange (free space uptake), to a non-saturable phase, during which the rate of uptake was 0.077+/-0.0.012 mu mol Mg g(-1) (d.wt.) h(-1). The metabolic uncoupler DNP (2,4-dinitrophenol) at 50 mu M decreased the Mg uptake rate by 35% only, but the effect of DNP was significant (p<0.01). Several problems related to a high variability in the experimental material were encountered, and further refinement of this approach in studies of plant Mg uptake is suggested.
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