Procedure for amplification request

  • Download and fill in this request form: pdfAmplification_request_April2022.pdf
  • Name the file “Request_FirstnameYYMMDD”, e.g. Request_Veronica210901.pdf
  • Submit your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • In addition, please leave a paper copy in our inbox outside the Poplar lab on 4th floor, next to the green house entrance, as a back-up to submitting the request form digitally.

How to fill in the request

  • Access to wild type: State which kind of wild type (e.g. T89, Elite, Tobacco, etc.) and how many wild type plants you want.
  • Request of transgenic lines:
    • Use the construct id generated before the transformation and state which lines you want
      If you do not have the construct id, use the construct name originally submitted for the transformation.
    • Number of replicates per line
      We always propagate extra ( approx. 10% ) to increase the chance to meet the replicates requested. Mark the tick box in the study purpose section if you do not want extra replicates.
    • Replicates/jar: there are three replicates in each jar by default.

Note! Amplifications take time. For example, an amplification of 15 replicates generally needs 2-3 propagation rounds. First propagation takes at least 5 weeks to grow, the following takes about 4 weeks. If you want them more homogeneous, 1 or 2 extra propagations may be needed.