PIN-driven auxin transport emerged early in streptophyte evolution
Nat Plants. 2019, 5(11):1114-1119
Skokan R, Medvecká E, Viaene T, Vosolsobě S, Zwiewka M, Müller K, Skůpa P, Karady M, Zhang Y, Janacek DP, Hammes UZ, Ljung K, Nodzyński T, Petrášek J, Friml J

PIN-FORMED (PIN) transporters mediate directional, intercellular movement of the phytohormone auxin in land plants. To elucidate the evolutionary origins of this developmentally crucial mechanism, we analysed the single PIN homologue of a simple green alga Klebsormidium flaccidum. KfPIN functions as a plasma membrane-localized auxin exporter in land plants and heterologous models. While its role in algae remains unclear, PIN-driven auxin export is probably an ancient and conserved trait within streptophytes.

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