Rho-of-plant-activated root hair formation requires Arabidopsis YIP4a/b gene function
Development. 2019, 146(5)

Gendre D, Baral A, Dang X, Esnay N, Boutté Y, Stanislas T, Vain T, Claverol S, Gustavsson A, Lin D, Grebe M, Bhalerao RP

Root hairs are protrusions from root epidermal cells with critical roles in plant soil interactions. While much is known about patterning, polarity and tip growth of root hairs, contributions of membrane trafficking to hair initiation remain poorly understood. Here we demonstrate that the trans-Golgi network-localized YPT-INTERACTING PROTEINS 4a/b contribute to activation and plasma membrane accumulation of Rho-of-plant (ROP) small GTPases during hair initiation, identifying YIP4a/b as central trafficking components in ROP-dependent root hair formation.

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