The structure-activity relationship of the salicylimide derived inhibitors of UDP-sugar producing pyrophosphorylases
Plant Signaling & Behavior 2018, 13(8):e1507406
Decker D, Öberg C, Kleczkowski LA

UDP-sugars are key precursors for biomass production in nature (synthesis of cellulose, hemicellulose, etc.). They are produced de novo by distinct UDP-sugar producing pyrophosphorylases. Studies on the roles of these enzymes using genetic knockouts were hampered by sterility of the mutants and by functional-complementation from related enzyme(s), hindering clear interpretation of the results. In an attempt to override these difficulties, we turned to the reverse chemical genetics approaches to identify compounds which interfere with the activity of those enzymes in vivo. Hit expansion on one of such compounds, a salicylimide derivative, allowed us to identify several inhibitors with a range of activities. The present study provides a structure-activity relationship for these compounds.

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