Establishment and Utilization of Habituated Cell Suspension Cultures for Hormone-Inducible Xylogenesis
Methods Mol Biol. 2017;1544:37-57
Ménard D, Serk H, Decou R, Pesquet E

The development of inducible cell differentiation in suspension cultures led to multiple breakthroughs. It enabled the understanding of the chronology, duration, regulation and interdependency of the multiple events leading to fully functional specialized cells. The most studied cell differentiation in plants using inducible suspension cultures is the formation of tracheary elements (TEs) - the hydro-mineral sap conducting cells. Several in vitro systems established in different plant species have been developed to trigger TE formation on-demand. Here, we describe the establishment, harvesting and analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana stable habituated cell lines inducible by hormones to differentiate into TEs on-demand. Moreover, we explain the means to monitor and modify the chronology, duration and regulation of the progression of TE formation.

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