Analysis of Lignin Composition and Distribution Using Fluorescence Laser Confocal Microspectroscopy
Methods Mol Biol. 2017;1544:233-247
Decou R, Serk H, Ménard D, Pesquet E

Lignin is a polyphenolic polymer specifically accumulating in the cell walls of xylem cells in higher vascular plants. Far from being homogeneous, the lignification of xylem cell walls varies in deposition site, quantity, composition and macromolecular conformation depending on the cell wall compartment, cell type, cell developmental stage and plant species. Here, we describe how confocal microspectroscopy methods using lignin autofluorescence can be used to evaluate the relative lignin amounts, its spatial distribution and composition at the cellular and sub-cellular levels in both isolated cells and histological cross-sections of plant tissues.

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