Histological analysis reveals the formation of shoots rather than embryos in regenerating cultures of Eucalyptus globulus
Plant Cell, Tissue and Organ Culture, 2017 128 (2):319-326
Dobrowolska I, Andrade GM, Clapham D, Egertsdotter U

Eucalyptus globulus is an important species in international forestry in regions with Mediterranean climates and comprises 65 % of the plantation hardwood in Australia. Propagation by somatic embryogenesis would offer many advantages and its development has received much attention. Structures regenerating on explants from hypocotyls of mature zygotic embryos of E. globulus cultured on medium with NAA, reported previously to be effective for embryogenic regeneration, were analyzed morphologically and histologically to clarify their pathway of development. Analysis of series of sections revealed organogenic, rather than embryogenic, pathways of regeneration in this system. We show that protocols for propagation of E. globulus must be carefully evaluated by microscopic examination of adequate numbers of serial sections.
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