Gordon research conference on photosynthesis: from evolution of fundamental mechanisms to radical re-engineering
Photosynth Res 2015, 123(2):213-23

Rappaport F, Malnoë A, Govindjee

We provide here a News Report on the 2014 Gordon Research Conference on Photosynthesis, with the subtitle “From Evolution of Fundamental Mechanisms to Radical Re-Engineering.” It was held at Mount Snow Resort, West Dover, Vermont, during August 10–15, 2014. After the formal sessions ended, four young scientists (Ute Ambruster of USA; Han Bao of USA; Nicoletta Liguori of the Netherlands; and Anat Shperberg-Avni of Israel) were recognized for their research; they each received a book from one of us (G) in memory of Colin A. Wraight (1945–2014), a brilliant and admired scientist who had been very active in the bioenergetics field in general and in past Gordon Conferences in particular, having chaired the 1988 Gordon Conference on Photosynthesis. (See an article on Wraight by one of us (Govindjee) at http://www.life.illinois.edu/plantbio/Features/ColinWraight/ColinWraight.html.)

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