Disruption of the sugar transporters AtSWEET11 and AtSWEET12 affects vascular development and freezing tolerance in Arabidopsis
Mol Plant. 2015, 8(11):1687-1690

Le Hir R, Spinner L, Klemens PA, Chakraborti D, de Marco F, Vilaine F, Wolff N, Lemoine R, Porcheron B, Géry C, Téoulé E, Chabout S, Mouille G, Neuhaus E, Dinant S, Bellini C

AtSWEET11 and AtSWEET12 are expressed in the phloem and xylem parenchyma cells of the flower stem in Arabidopsis. They can transport glucose and fructose in addition to sucrose. The mutants have defects in the development of the vascular bundles and show modifications of the chemical composition of the xylem cell walls. Our data support the hypothesis that AtSWEET11 and AtSWEET12 are important for the export of sugars required for cell wall formation during vascular development.

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